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Reminds me of listening to christian radio while driving, and the scaborous old male host talking about the "preycious blonde lil'angel" the'd had on the show that afternoon, and how good it was she hadn't been aborted...and then the kids mother agreed with him, and got this little 6year old to sing "This little light of mine"

And i realized these people are really, really messed up. Like, conception = Jon Bennet Ramesey in utero, on contact.


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I applaud the demonstrations against abortion because they are signs that there are still people with morals and ethics

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I cuoldn't memorized all my civil rights, I'm sorry...

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memorize my civil rights ? thats pretty difficult ..

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Such campaigns or marches inculcate in our young people to be more responsable and respect the right to born and live.

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I can't memorize at least one hahaha

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Is a great post to read and interesting because many times we forged that right thanks a lot.

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Abort is an exclusive decision of women, a fetus is not a human being, a human is build through our society so a thing without past can't be human, sorry

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Abort idea is so disgusting to me because is a crime and you don*t have the right about other person.

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Abort to me is a crime because you are killing a person is a disgusting practice.

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I don't know my civil rights as almost every civil person.

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I think that memorized my civil rights is a little difficult, but I will try.


I forget almost all my civil rights...

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Very important information, we have to fight for our civil rights.

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I always have problems with memoriza my civil rights.

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Memorize our civil rights its imperative.

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It's impossible memorize all those rights.

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