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Irkesome, though we know the make of the suit she wore, the quality of the perfume floating around her neck, the height of those 4 inch heels and who designed them... the sources seem to be reluctant to reflect specifics where her male counterparts are concerned... I quote:

"The handsome, ruddy-cheeked 39-year-old wore an off-white work shirt layered over a dark T-shirt, his khaki pants tucked into orange rubber boots."

Was the work shirt Tommy Hilfigger? Did Fruit of the Loom loom the T-shirt? Were those khakis Tilley Endurables? And those classy rubber boots, my god, who made those? Could it possibly be Eddie Bauer? Or perhaps they were haute couture and made personally just for him? Please oh please, consumers need to know!

It's unconscionable! How dare they treat McKay so badly... not even mentioning one designer name... poor thing, he was veritably fashion stripped; he must be from the Maritimes.


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    Candace Savage: Crows : Encounters with the Wise Guys
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